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Why should I lease a car using Best Deal Auto Leasing services?

We providing multiple advantages such as saving lots of money for your lease and hassle free lease sign process. With us there is no spending time going to the dealership, lengthy and annoying negotiation with the dealer, waiting for hours to get the car. With us it takes just one phone call where you will get free no obligation quote and once everything is finalized and agreed on we will deliver the car to your home or work.

Am I leasing the car from Best Deal Auto Leasing or from the dealer?

Our function is broker a deal and facilitate the documentation process between you as the customer and the dealership. We acting as a broker or as a referral partner between you and our dealer network. Every car comes from a dealer and every contract you sign are written on dealer documents. All the cars sold have manufacture warranty and can be serviced at any dealership.

I am afraid of any hidden or upfront fees?

There is absolutely NO such thing with us. We are disclosing every single fee up front. We do collect one time government/DMV mandatory fees for title, registration and documentation fee which will be presented on your lease agreement up front as well. We don’t collect any payments until the car is delivered or being picked up by you.

What will I owe you for your services?

Absolutely nothing, $0. All our services are free for you. We get a commission from the dealer for sold car.

How come your quotes are much lower than the dealers?

We have a massive dealer network with pre-negotiated deals. We have an access to the incentives and rebates that are not available to the general public. Also, we don’t have any overhaul expenses such as inventory expenses or costs for maintaining a dealership with its stuff, huge advertising and flooring charges.

Does my car get the manufacturer’s warranty if I lease the care from you?

Yes, it does. The warranty is granted by the manufacturer which will apply no matter where you lease the car from.

Where can I take my car to service if I leased it from you?

You can take the car for service to any dealership. They must accept it and service it immediately upon your request.

How do I start the process; I have never dealt with a leasing agent or broker?

That’s the easiest process ever. You call us with your request for a free, no obligation quote. Once we find the vehicle you need we will tell you the price. Once you agreed to the price we will order the vehicle for you, send you the vehicle info for you to obtain the insurance for it. Right after that the car will be available for you for pick up or we can deliver it to your home or business.

Do I pay all fees like first month lease, registration and other DMV fees upfront?

No, you pay once the vehicle is delivered to you. We never ask you to make any payments upfront.

How do I make payments for my lease vehicle?

After you sign the lease agreement you will be receiving the bill into your mailbox. You will be able to pay by check, set up the automated payment on the manufacturer’s website or you can use your online banking to send the payments. Please give us a call if you have any questions with the paying process. We will be glad to help you.

Will you be able to provide wear and tear protection just like the dealers do?

Yes, we offer every single service that the dealer can offer. Please let us know in advance so we can provide you all the paperwork up front.

Are Lease Special prices true which you will be able to match?

Yes, and yes. We providing the quotes based on no money down, base car configuration and without local taxes. Also, we provide the quotes on specially configured vehicles as well. All our quotes are already including every single incentive and rebate. Usually the quotes are true for the current month.

Do you sell cars for business such as TLC?

Yes, we do. If you decide to get more money by working for Uber or Lyft we can help you to get a car. Please contact us for more details.

Do you work with buyers from your local area?

No, we working with buyers all over the continental US. Our transportation and vehicle delivery services will get your car anywhere in the continental US.

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